Billy Dee Williams Clarifies His 'Masculine/Feminine' Comments - He Doesn't Know What 'Gender Fluid' Means

Billy Dee Williams Clarifies His 'Masculine/Feminine' Comments - He Doesn't Know What 'Gender Fluid' Means
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When Billy Dee Williams spoke with Esquire Magazine late last month, he sparked controversy for what fans thought was his coming out story. In the initial interview, Williams stated he had both feminine and masculine traits, but some people appeared to take it the wrong way.

Initially, Billy's comments led the mainstream media to believe he was describing himself as "gender fluid," however, during a chat with The Undefeated, Williams revealed he hadn't even heard the term before and doesn't know what it is.

In the first interview, the Star Wars alum claimed he had tried nothing in his life except be himself. He tried to embrace both sides to his personality, including the masculine and feminine.

When he spoke with the outlet, the 82-year-old Star Wars alum claimed he had never even heard the term before. "What the h*ll is gender fluid?" Billy asked. Billy went on to say he was just trying to explain himself as the type of man who isn't afraid to get in touch with his softer and more gentle side.

Additionally, Billy admitted he wasn't talking about his sexual orientation either. Williams stated he wasn't gay either, not like he had a problem with gay people, but he just isn't. While Billy's career has spanned decades, his role as Lando is perhaps what he's best known for.

In 1980, Billy Dee starred as Lando Calrissian, an administrator in Cloud City in the Empire That Strikes Back . Even though he was only on screen for around 15 minutes, Lando became a popular character in the series.

To people already familiar with Billy Dee Williams, it made a lot of sense, considering he had starred in other films like Mahogany and Lady Sings The Blues in the years prior.

According to the actor, during his conversation with Variety, the newest Star Wars movie was going to be a high point for the series. The movie comes out in North American theaters on the 20th of December.

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