Billy Bush Reveals Lessons He Learned From Infamous Trump Tape Scandal

Billy Bush Reveals Lessons He Learned From Infamous Trump Tape Scandal
Credit: Source Warner Brothers via YouTube

Billy Bush is revealing the tough lessons he learned from the infamous Trump tape scandal.

The former Access Hollywood host sat down to chat with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show on Friday. Bush got candid about his three-year career break, the impact the scandal had on his family and what he has taken away from the ordeal.

"At this point for me it's about going forward. You learn from these things. It would be a real shame to just check back into the game having not done anything, "he expressed to the talk show host.

Bush lost his jobs at Access Hollywood Live and the Today show for the scandal where he and Trump are heard on tapes talking inappropriately about women. He is returning to TV with a new gig on Extra , using what he learned from his scandal in a positive manner.

"Everybody goes through something. I will say, as an interviewer, as a person that's delivering news that people consume about other people most oftenly, it's good to know what it feels like to be down and I had never really in my life felt what it's like to be down. And when you know that, you approach people a lot differently," he said.

Another lesson that hit home for Bush is the impact his bad scandal could have on his children.

"I've got three daughters. I said with my middle daughter recently they're all going to be getting out there in the workplace and working and if they walk into a room and they walk out of that room, if people are smack-talking when they leave, that's an unfortunate thing and I don't want that to happen. So, you learn that," the 47-year-old shared.

Along with discussing what he has learned from his mistake, Bush admitted the first time he saw President Trump was at his late uncle, George H.W. Bush's funeral. The two had no interaction as Bush went out of his way to avoid Trump because the day was about his late uncle. Billy's father Johnathan and George H.W. are brothers.

It has been a challenging three years for Billy Bush. The tape scandal cost him more than people know, but he is moving forward with his life. He will take the lessons with him forever, as Bush hopes to have a more positive impact on people's lives.


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