Billy Bush Lands New Job On Extra Extra Following Today Show Firing

Billy Bush Lands New Job On Extra Extra Following Today Show Firing
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According to a report from Page Six, Billy Bush just landed a new job following his involvement with the controversial 2006 Access Hollywood tape in which the president jokingly said he "grabbed women by the p*ssy," the recording which nearly ended his chance at the presidency.

Approximately three years after the tape came out, Billy Bush landed the role as a host on Extra Extra , following his firing from Today . Network executives had to fire the 47-year-old due to fear of public backlash and outcry, amid reports that Trump had allegedly sexually assaulted women repeatedly.

Speaking with People Magazine, Bush, 47, told reporters that "we all have to be able to evolve as we grow." Billy told the outlet that he considered his past challenges as "adversity," and that it would likely make him just as good as his job as before, possibly even better.

"This is my next step," the entertainer added. Extra is currently hosted by the Mexican-American comedian, Mario Lopez, and it'll continue all the way until the remainder of the current season. A source who spoke with Page Six said Lopez's future on the program is currently uncertain.

As it was previously reported, Billy Bush was dragged into the 2016 scandal when Donald Trump was gearing up for the presidency. At the time, political pundits and other commentators thought Trump's loss to Hillary Clinton was inevitable, however, he went on to win through Electoral College votes.

The tape featured The Apprentice alum bragging to Billy Bush about his sexual exploits following his massive success on reality television, notably, with The Apprentice on NBC. Trump facetiously bragged about groping women.

Bush was subsequently fired from his position on Today for simply listening to Trump. Bush said afterward that he had fought through intense battles of "resentment, anger," and feeling "inconsolable."

But later on, Billy realized he simply had to keep going no matter what, because there's no other option but to never give up. While his firing was prompt, many entertainers, especially in the stand-up comedy world, said it was unjust.

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