Billy Baldwin Reveals His Teen Son, Vance, Secretly Battled Cancer

Billy Baldwin Reveals His Teen Son, Vance, Secretly Battled Cancer
Credit: Source: Billy Baldwin/Instagram

Actor William "Billy" Baldwin shared a message on his official Instagram account revealing that a year ago on Oct. 4, 2018, his then 15-year-old son Vance was diagnosed with cancer. The family chose to keep Vance's battle with cancer a secret and successfully kept it out of the public spotlight.

Treatment was rough and Vance underwent 28 rounds of chemotherapy. Billy praised his son for maintaining a positive outlook throughout the terrifying ordeal. He also stated that his son remained focused and kept living his life as normal, despite the diagnosis.

Billy Balwin shared the following touching message.

"A year ago today my son Vance was diagnosed with cancer... he was 16 years old. He kept it very quiet... we all did. He went through 28 rounds of chemo yet stayed VERY positive, focused and kept his life as normal as possible... every single day.

Kid’s a tough son of a bitch. Sharp as a tack. Funny as hell.
Tough as nails. Heart of gold. Courage, strength, bravery, attitude, warrior... never seen anything like it. Never been prouder. Love you son. ♥️ So much love & gratitude for how all his boys, teachers, coaches, parents... the whole SB community stepped up for him during this difficult time. Thanks gang... you know who you are... Vance, Chynna, Jameson, Brooke & I love you all. Your love, kindness & support definitely helped get him/ us through this difficult time. Thank you #drlawrencepiro... you are an amazing man!! #VBcrew #warhorse #f&ckcancer."

Billy gave a special shout out to his wife, Chynna Phillips and each of his children who supported Vance including his daughters Jameson and Brooke.

You may see the post that Billy Baldwin shared with his 85.3 thousand followers below.

It was evident by the post that Billy is extremely thankful for his son's clean bill of health and is filled with pride over how his son coped with the health crisis and fought his way through.

Billy Baldwin frequently opens up about his personal and family life on his social media accounts and you'll find there are more photos, videos, and shout outs to his son Vance, daughters Jameson and Brooke and other family members. What do you think about the news that Vance Baldwin secretly battled cancer at only 15-years-old?


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