Billy Baldwin Accuses Donald Trump Of Hitting On His Wife - Check Out His Tweet

Billy Baldwin Accuses Donald Trump Of Hitting On His Wife - Check Out His Tweet
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Actor Billy Baldwin claimed that President Donald Trump once hit on his wife, Chynna Phillips. The Flatliners actor responded to a tweet by POTUS' son Donald Trump, Jr. about the latest sexual harassment allegations against Saturday Night Live alum and Democratic Sen. Al Franken.


'Your Dad is a 5th-degree black belt when it comes to sexual impropriety allegations,' the actor snapped back at the tweet.

He continued writing, 'In fact… I once had a party at the Plaza Hotel, your father showed up uninvited & hit on my wife.'

Trump allegedly 'invited her on his helicopter to Atlantic City.'

Before concluding his tweet, the second youngest of the four Baldwin brothers took a jab at the President as he wrote, 'She showed his fat a** the door. #TrumpRussia.' He didn't reveal what year the whole incident occurred.

A guest who attended the party revealed to the Daily News that Baldwin hosted an intimate birthday bash for Phillips in a room at the Plaza. She was not his wife back then just yet.

However, Donald Trump, who at the time owned the Midtown hotel, suddenly knocked on the door.

'Trump came barging in and started saying, 'Let's get in my helicopter, let's blow this party and get out of here,' the partygoer shared.

He continued his confession saying that there were only five people in the room.

He also added that Trump's sudden entry made everyone noticeably uncomfortable.

Trump was said to be trying 'to coerce her into getting in his helicopter,' though '[Phillips] laughed uncomfortably at the prospect and said thanks but no thanks.'

The partygoer also added that 'When Trump realized it wasn't a raging Hollywood party with strippers hanging from the roof, he left with his tail between his legs. He was in the room for maybe 10 minutes.'

Trump bought the hotel back in 1988. He was forced to sell after declaring bankruptcy in November 1992.

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