Billionaire Couple JAY-Z and Beyonce Drop A Cool $26 Million On A Home In The Hamptons

Billionaire Couple JAY-Z and Beyonce Drop A Cool $26 Million On A Home In The Hamptons

When you're worth a billion dollars with your spouse, dropping several million on a beachside mansion is no biggy. This is exactly the case with moguls JAY-Z and Beyonce.

They decided a place in the Hamptons would be their newest property buy while shelling out a whopping $26 million for a two-acre estate that comes to a 12,000 square feet. It's located in a quiet and luscious beachside community in the East part of the Hamptons.

The property is a sprawling Gatsby-like mansion that has five bedrooms and seven full bathrooms. Two half baths are in various parts of the property as well. One of the more impressive bathrooms has a vaulted ceiling. Other impressive amenities include a fireplace and a fully loaded marble kitchen with all top notch stainless steel appliances.

Not only does the estate have the main property but a completely separate and spacious guest house that comes to 1,800 square feet for any visitors who may stop by to visit the kids. Complete with its own full kitchen, living room, bath and two separate bedrooms. This particular property is a real find, as far as outlay but it has been hard to sell, likely because of the monstrous price tag associated with the estate. But a couple like JAY-Z and Beyonce don't even bat an eye. They can afford it easily.

Every wealthy individual has their favorite type of entity to spend their money on. For JAY-Z and Beyonce, it has largely been reported that they love to indulge in the finer real estate purchases on the market. They also just dropped a pretty penny on a lovely Malibu estate right before their new twins were born.

They typically will buy property in locations they plan on staying for the purposes of projects, to establish a home base or to get away from the trappings of celebrity and just relax with family. They've also rented and purchased properties in various parts of New Orleans, LA, and New York.

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