Billionaire And Island Owner Richard Branson Criticized Donald Trump For His Stance On Climate Change

Billionaire And Island Owner Richard Branson Criticized Donald Trump For His Stance On Climate Change

Richard Branson, the well-known innovative and billionaire founder of the Virgin company, criticized President Donald Trump harshly for his stance on climate change. The U.S.A. President is refusing to change his mind, even with the recent extremely strong hurricanes that have battered and destroyed parts of the U.S.A., Caribbean and the Virgin Islands.

Branson made the choice to be on his beautiful, privately owned Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands for the brunt of Hurricane Irma. He explained that it was an "indescribable" experience.

Hurricane Irma hit the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean and also the U.S.A. state of Florida with great force. In both the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean, many buildings were completely destroyed. In each area, lives were tragically lost due to the storm.

The hurricane blew around them with great force for about five hours, to the point where Branson was concerned that the bunker he was secure in was going to crack. When the eye of the storm crossed over them and everything was quiet, they opened the door to examine the hurricane's power. It was shocking to Branson and his guest to see the devastation because so much had been destroyed.

Branson states that 99% of scientists know that climate change is real and that "the whole world knows it's real except for maybe one person in the White House."

As Hurricane Irma hit Necker Island where Branson and his guests were, it actually had gone beyond a Category 5 storm and had become what Branson referred to as a Category 7 storm. The wind guests were well over 200 mph. He explained that the hurricane storm categories do end at the number 5 because weather experts simply assumed that storms never would become as strong as they have today.

Branson will speak at a climate change conference in New York City. He is using this as a platform, to discuss the Trump administration's choice to remove the U.S.A. from the Paris climate accord. The Paris climate accord was adopted in 2015 at the United Nations Climate Change convention in Paris, by 195 member states and also the European Union.

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  • steve
    steve Sep 20, 2017 7:27 AM PDT

    It is beyond "RICH" that Richard Branson, a man who made $$$ Billions burning carbon for a living with his airline and who took a natural and beautiful island and developed it with all the modern materials and amenities....this man is now lecturing the rest of us about global warming, or climate change or whatever they have coined it now to fit their political socialist objectives. This is the SAME guy who is promoting a "universal income". Sorry DICK, more people than Trump think the "man made" climate change is chicken little political TOOL. The last similar hurricane was in the 1930's. Was that due to man made climate change?

  • honeypot
    honeypot Sep 19, 2017 3:57 PM PDT

    Shut your face Branson, yes we know what is going on, so go sit down and stfu! Climate change my A$$, its evident what is going on. Do we look stupid?

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