Billie Lee Talks Leaving Vanderpump Rules And Her Relationship With Lisa Now - Does She Regret Quitting?

Billie Lee Talks Leaving Vanderpump Rules And Her Relationship With Lisa Now - Does She Regret Quitting?
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Billie Lee decided to quit Vanderpump Rules five months ago! That being said, as some time has passed since her departure, how does she fell about it now?

Billie exited the reality TV show because of apparent bullying that she experienced but looking back, does she regret it or not?

During a chat with HollywoodLife, the woman made it clear that she’s very happy and even stressed that Lisa Vanderpump, her former boss, has been really supportive of her decision.

‘I’m in the right place [now]. It feels right, and I got family from that [the show], so it’s good,’ Billie told the news outlet, adding that the situation on the show was so bad that she even dealt with suicidal thoughts!

All in all, the woman mentioned that she does not miss the drama on Vanderpump Rules at all!

When it comes to her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump now that she no longer works for her, Billie told the site that she’s been getting nothing but support from her.

After all, Lisa knows all too well what it means to no longer be happy on a show and leave as a result.

Fans remember that Lisa exited the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills amid a lot of conflicts with the other cast members.

Similarly, Billie also supports Lisa’s decision to quit RHOBH.

She added that ‘I’ll always love her. She will always be my fairy godmother no matter what. [We have talked] a couple times, [since my exit].’

Billie discussed the situation that made her leave the Bravo show as well, saying that rather than one particular thing, ‘There was probably like 5 [moments] and I just did not feel good anymore. I felt like I was not welcome, like it was a challenge and like I was back in high school and all those suicidal thoughts came back. I just did not feel worthy and no jobs should cost somebody their life or cost somebody to have that kind of negative thoughts. I just needed to walk away.'


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