Billie Lee Explains Why She's Taking Time Off Of Vanderpump Rules -- Is She Still On The Show?

Billie Lee Explains Why She's Taking Time Off Of Vanderpump Rules -- Is She Still On The Show?
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Billie Lee had a lukewarm reception by both audiences and co-stars on the last installment of Vanderpump Rules. While it seemed that she was friends with most of the cast during her first season of joining the cast, Billie had more enemies when viewers last tuned in making it appear as though her future on the show was uncertain.

When Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright were called out for being transphobic on Twitter, he made rumors swirl that Billie was given the boot when he tweeted: 'That’s great, me not inviting her has nothing to do with her sexuality. We are not friends. She’s no longer working at [SUR] and no longer on our show. I’ve spoken to her maybe 4 times personally in my life. I wish the best for her in her future.'

To be fair, Billie didn't receive an invite because the two weren't that close and she has made it clear that she's #teamjames. But what about the rest of Jax's statement? Is she no longer an employee of SUR?

Well, yes and no. Lee spoke with Life and Style where she explained that she isn't working at the restaurant as much anymore because she is busy being an activist; however, she is still filming VPR.

'I am still part of the show. I just hosted brunch with Billie at SUR. But honestly, it’s not my priority. SUR is not my priority anymore. nd that’s just because I am focused on my community and I have amazing opportunities coming my way and a lot of those opportunities have just pulled me a different direction. But, as of right now, I’m still there and as of right now, I’m still filming.'

Would you miss Billie Lee as a cast member if she decided to leave the restaurant and the show?

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