Billie Lee Dishes On Her Hook Up With Lisa Vanderpump's Son Max!

Billie Lee Dishes On Her Hook Up With Lisa Vanderpump's Son Max!
Credit: Source: Bravo

The last things viewers heard about Billie Lee's dating life was that she was growing closer to Ariana Madix's little brother, Jeremy. However, on last night's episode of 'Vanderpump Rules,' it was revealed that Lee had a fling with none other than the boss lady's son -- Max Todd!

Max hasn't been in the spotlight much but viewers got to see a lot more of him in season five during his time with Faith Stowers -- the woman who would later hook up with Jax Taylor while he was in a relationship with Brittany Cartwright.

It was obvious that Max had moved on since then but it was a shocker when Lisa called her out for sleeping with her son. A clip showed Vanderpump confronting Billie about kissing her son before the SURver responded with a quip 'I didn't think I had to tell my boss I slept with her son.'

Although the gorgeous LGBTQ activist isn't dating Max, she added that they are good friends. Lee also opened up about wanting to eventually adopt a child.

Billie was asked about the final step of her transition where she explained that she actually feels like the person she was meant to be now.

Her transition from male to female also included a $30,000 facial feminization surgery that she opened up about in March.

"Shortly after the surgery, I was out having fun with friends, and walked past a bathroom mirror and I saw myself and I was like,  Oh my god, that’s me! There’s this comfortable feeling of home, and also a feeling of shock. Now, I finally feel like it's me in the mirror. Even now, I still have these really powerful moments where I catch my reflection in a store window and it fills me with so much gratitude."

Do you think Billie and Max would make a cute couple?


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