Billie Lee Allegedly Quits Vanderpump Rules -- Activist Is Gunning For Her Own Show!

Billie Lee Allegedly Quits Vanderpump Rules -- Activist Is Gunning For Her Own Show!
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Just days ago Billie Lee seemingly struggled with deciding on if she wants to continue to be on Vanderpump Rules or not. A new report says that the trans activist has quit filming.

Radar Online claims that Billie Lee is saying goodbye to Lisa Vanderpump's show.

'Billie Lee has had a really hard time with the disrespect and negative thoughts overall from the show and from certain co-stars.'

The article also goes on to say that she is gunning for her own series!

'She is sick of the bullies and the backlash that she’s gotten on social media. She is ready to do her own thing now, and is trying to pitch her own show. She doesn’t need any of that drama anymore.'

This comes after Lee addressed the statement that Jax Taylor made via Twitter where he stated that Billie isn't working at SUR or filming for VPR anymore. She clarified it as a 'yes and no.'

'I am still part of the show. I just hosted brunch with Billie at SUR. But honestly, it’s not my priority. SUR is not my priority anymore. And that’s just because I am focused on my community and I have amazing opportunities coming my way and a lot of those opportunities have just pulled me a different direction. But, as of right now, I’m still there and as of right now, I’m still filming,' she explained to Life and Style.

It is possible that one of those 'amazing opportunities' is a series or spin-off but as of right now -- Billie hasn't confirmed or denied these new rumors.

When the LGBTQIA activist joined the show, she was seemingly friends with everyone. Unfortunately, her relationships with the cast members took a turn for the worst when she accused them of purposely leaving her out of a girls' event at SUR.

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