Billie Joe Armstrong Of 'Green Day' Gushes Over Billie Eilish And Shades Ariana Grande - Billie's 'The Real Deal!'

Billie Joe Armstrong Of 'Green Day' Gushes Over Billie Eilish And Shades Ariana Grande - Billie's 'The Real Deal!'
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Billie Joe Armstrong ended up dissing none other than Ariana Grande while praising someone else in the industry – Billie Eilish and her brother, Finneas! As far as the Green Day frontman is concerned, Billie is the ‘real deal’ as compared to Ari, who is, well… NOT the real deal?

The rock star was chatting with USA Today and during the interview, he held nothing back when throwing shade at Ariana Grande.

At the time, he was discussing the huge success of Billie Eilish, 17, and went on to compare her to Ariana, out of nowhere.

He argued that Billie and Finneas’ ‘music is very real, and you can tell it comes from them, which sets it apart from what any other pop acts are doing. It is not even comparable to think about what she [Billie] does compared to someone like Ariana Grande. [Billie’s] the real deal.’

As you can imagine, his comment came as a bit of a shock because, while Billie is indeed often considered a very talented singer and songwriter, Ariana has writing credits on all 12 of the songs featured on her Thank U, Next album.

Furthermore, her lyrics are often very personal and make reference to her life and relationships so there is no doubt that a lot of people would also consider Ariana the ‘real deal.’

Obviously, not the rock star, though!

As you may know, Billie did win a Grammy in the Album of the Year category, even though Ariana was also nominated.

But despite the huge honor, Billie remained humble and actually shouted out Ariana during her acceptance speech, arguing that the other singer deserved it more.

‘Can I just say that I think Arianna deserves this. Thank U, Next got me through some [stuff] and I think it deserves like more than anything in the world,’ she said on stage.


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  • Luella
    Luella Feb 9, 2020 7:50 AM PST

    Are we surprised? Crusty old men never shut up, and keep the names of pretty young things in their mouths all the time.

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