Billie Eilish's Restraining Order Against A Stalker Was Extended To 3 Years

Billie Eilish's Restraining Order Against A Stalker Was Extended To 3 Years
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Billie Eilish just had her restraining order against a man who repeatedly came to her LA home extended to three years, Page Six announced today.

Superior Court Judge, Dianna Gould-Saltman, agreed to the extension of the May 11th order regarding a 24-year-old man from Farmingville, New York, who has been accused of trying to contact Billie repeatedly and also appearing at her house.

The judge ordered the 24-year-old man, Prenell Rousseau, to stay away from the pop star by at least 100 yards at all times, in addition to her parents. The pop star, her lawyer, and her parents phoned into the hearing that was held in an empty courtroom with the exception of a reporter from The Associated Press, in addition to several court staff.

As most know, the nation is still on partial lockdown, and quarantine and social distancing measures are continuing. Everyone there wore a mask, including the judge and the other present staff members.

According to the report, the aforementioned order bars Rousseau from being near her family. The man wasn't present for the hearing and neither was his attorney. Messages sent to his family members were not returned.

The Associated Press says that Billie was listening to the phone call but didn't say anything, and her parents said "yes," when the judge asked if they wanted to be included in the restraining order. Eilish said in court documents that Prenell showed bizarre behavior toward her when he appeared at her house.

He went to their home seven times between the date of May 4th on May 5th, until he was finally arrested and charged with trespassing. Her lawyer, Mark D. Passin, asked for the judge to mandate a five-year restraining order against the man, but the judge only granted a three-year order.

According to The Associated Press, the man showed up to their home and rang the doorbell, asking her father through the surveillance camera if she lived there. After being told that she wasn't there, he stayed anyway, and the family finally called their personal security.

He later came back on the same night. After being told to leave, he sat down on the porch and started reading a book, occasionally stopping to talk to himself.

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