Billie Eilish Shows Off Car And Lauren Jauregui Asks Her For A Ride

Billie Eilish Shows Off Car And Lauren Jauregui Asks Her For A Ride
Credit: Source: Billie Eilish/Instagram

Billie Eilish is going viral for a new photo she uploaded to her Instagram account. Billie has over 26 million followers and her friendship with Lauren Jauregui is no secret. In October 2018, the two were spotted at a concert together hanging out and fans went crazy. Lauren responded to Billie's Instagram post and now fans of both artists are asking for a collaboration.

In the photo that Billie shared, she can be seen wearing a full face, black ski mask with a graphic hoodie and black graphic shorts. Billie is known for her unique style and her Blōhsh fashion line. Billie's outfit was representative of her clothing style and many of her fans loved her outfit as much as her car.

Billie stood in front of the royal blue luxury vehicle that had butterfly doors fully open and captioned  the pic by saying, "She opened up for me."

A number of celebrities responded to Billie's photo including Lauren Jauregui who gave the following reply.

"When did u get ur liscense? Can u pick me up..."

Fans loved Lauren's response and asked if the two were going to hit the town.

You may see Billie's photo below.

Lauren Jauregui shared a sultry photo of herself on her own Instagram account that is also going viral. Her Instagram stories are full of the club scene and you can watch Lauren as she sings and dance in clubs but her viral photo depicts a deep mood.

Using red and brown tones, the photo simply show's Lauren's face peering out and there is a melancholy stare in her eyes. The photo has over 100,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments.

Lauren included the Instagram account @dreamgaia in the photo indicating that artist Tristan Hollingsworth created the work of art.

Many fans responded to Lauren's photo by saying how beautiful it was, and many called it stunning and breathtaking.

Billie Eilish is currently on tour and after she finishes shows in the U.S. she will hit Europe. Her tour runs until September 4, 2019.

What do you think about the idea of a Billie Eilish, Lauren Jauregui collaboration? Do you like Billie's car?

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