Billie Eilish Claims She Never Thought Anybody Would Think She Was Cool

Billie Eilish Claims She Never Thought Anybody Would Think She Was Cool
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Billie Eilish recently sat down with reporters from Billboard and shared her experiences on being in the limelight as well as her hopes for the future, claims a new report from E! Thus far, Billie has six Grammy Award nominations for her record, When We all Sleep Where Do We Go , in addition to several huge hits as well as a world tour.

Moreover, the 17-year-old's most recent accomplishment includes being named Billboard's Woman Of The Year, which she'll receive at the 14th Annual Woman in Music Event on the 12th of December, this year. During a chat with reporters from the outlet, the star admitted she was thrilled to hang out with other "cool" young artists.

According to the star, she never thought she would be in such a position at this stage in her life, or even at all. The singer said to the publication that nowadays, there are many female artists people think of as "cool," and she's happy to be considered one of them.

Eilish claims there was a point in time of her life when she really wondered if she would ever get there. The singer admits she felt anxious about her future. She worried about sexism and feeling uncool on account of being a girl.

Moreover, Billie claims much of her vibe comes from how she dresses, which is a consequence of her oversized pieces. Much of it also has to do with the fact she likes to combine high fashion items with street style.

However, admittedly, the young artist feels a bit misunderstood, especially in terms of her fashion choices. There is a deeper meaning to how she dresses, including her wide track pants and baggy clothes.

The artist claims parents often thank her for influencing or encouraging their daughters to dress less like a "sl*t." However, to Billie, she has the opposite goal in mind, which is more in line with allowing women to wear whatever they want.

According to Eilish, in 2019 and beyond, women and other artists are allowed to branch out into any direction they want, which is a great element of the modern era. Additionally, the young starlet admitted she'd like to get into designing shoes in the future.

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