Billie Eilish Admits She Had No Idea Who Orlando Bloom Was Upon Meeting Him At Coachella!

Billie Eilish Admits She Had No Idea Who Orlando Bloom Was Upon Meeting Him At Coachella!
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If you've seen Billie Eilish 's brand new documentary, you know that she met none other than Orlando Bloom while at Coachella! However, it turns out that she also had no idea who the actor was!

Instead, she had to ask her brother about his identity afterwards!

This happened back in 2019, before the pandemic started and when Coachella was still possible.

At the time, Billie was one of the performers at the festival and she got the chance to meet Katy Perry backstage.

Of course, since Orlando Bloom is the singer's fiance, he came along too and even gave Billie a kiss on the cheek!

It all seemed very wholesome and sweet until the couple left and Billie admitted she did not recognize Bloom, even asking her brother, Finneas: 'Who was that?'

Finneas let his sister know that it was the actor who played Will Turner In Pirates of the Caribbean.

'That guy?! That was him? Bring him back. I want to meet him again. He kissed me on the cheek!' she hilariously said after.

Then, in another conversation with her mother this time around, Billie confessed: 'I did not know that was him. I just thought it was some some dude Katy Perry just met.'

Thankfully, the young singer got another chance to interact with the actor right before she was set to go on stage and he was heading to the bathroom.

Orlando kissed her cheek again and told her: 'I’m giving you so much love and light right now,' before they both told each other 'I love you.'

'Now I know [who he is],' Billie said to the camera after he was gone.

As for her chat with Katy Perry, the fellow singer had some advice since she has so much more experience in the music industry.


'I wanted to say this is going to be wild for 10 years. It’s going to be crazy. If you ever want to talk….’cause it’s a weird ride,' Katy told Billie.

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