Bill O’Reilly Accused Of Harassment Again! Fox News Is “The Bill Cosby Of Corporate America!”

Bill O’Reilly Accused Of Harassment Again! Fox News Is “The Bill Cosby Of Corporate America!”

Bill O’Reilly has been involved in a shocking harassment scandal recently but now, one of the victims is telling all about the thing he put her through.

Dr. Wendy Walsh revealed that when she met the O’Reilly Factor host back in 2013 she was just a single mother looking for work.

They met at the Bel Air hotel for dinner and she recalls him turning “very hostile very quickly” when she refused to go to his room.

As fans may already know, yesterday, her lawyer slammed the man by claiming low ratings on O’Reilly factor were a result of the fact that Walsh was asked to stop appearing.

“This is typical Fox News behavior,” the attorney stated. “Going after anyone who dares to speak out against sexual harassment. Even my client Wendy Walsh, who is not suing, who is not asking for a dime.”

In addition, she claimed that Fox News stopped asking her to be a contributor after her refusal to go up to Bill’s hotel room with him.

In a shocking but pregnant choice of words, the attorney stated about Fox that it “has become the Bill Cosby of corporate America.”

She wondered how many other women have to come forward for the network to take the anti-harassment laws seriously and protect their female employees.

The lawyer’s public statement comes just a day after it was reported that five women - Rachel Witlieb Bernstein, Andrea Mackris, Rebecca Gomez Diamond, Juliet Huddy and Lauren Dhue – had been paid $13 million by the network in order to avoid a lawsuit against O’Reilly.

In the end, the lawyer explained that Welsh was scared to make a huge deal out of the nasty situation she’s been in and get the attention of publications for all of the wrong reasons, but after other women came out about it, she realized that it’s more than just about her – it’s about women everywhere.


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