Bill Murray discussed with President Obama

Bill Murray discussed with President Obama
Source: NBC

This week, Bill Murray can call himself a happy man. His loved Cubs are just one win away from reaching the World Series and now he had met with President Obama on Friday, who is known for supporting the White Sox team. If you think about the fact that Murray attended the Cubs home games in postseason, most likely he will return to Chicago just in time for Game 6.

But if you though everything went just as planned and Murray did not stray away from the schedule, you couldn't be more wrong. He thought it would be a good idea to pretend he was the president and to answer questions about the cubs. When one reporter asked him whether he thinks the Cubs will win, Murray said that he is confident that Clayton Kershaw is a great pitcher, but it seems that the team has too many sticks in his opinion.

The president and Murray had a quite long talk in private, but none of them made public what is it exactly that they talked about. Many people are really curious as to what did they discuss and whether it was something important or not. Apparently a secret source declared that Obama, who is known for supporting White Sox, teased the actor for coming to the White House wearing the gear from their crosstown rivals. When he went there, Murray was wearing a Cubs jacket, which wasn't fair, as it seems, but at least it made for a good conversation starter.

This sweet moment reminded everybody why they love Obama, and many people expressed their regret that he can't run for president for the third time. People actually loved seeing the beloved actor and the former president together, joking and laughing about their favorite teams in sports.


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