Bill Maher Claims The Oscars Are Being Destroyed By "Purity Tests"

Bill Maher Claims The Oscars Are Being Destroyed By "Purity Tests"
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Now that the Oscars are just seven days away, the host of Real Time With Bill Maher has some opinions to share. Bill urged his fellow Democrats and liberals "not to eat our own" as candidates continue to vow for the Democratic nomination, and in the case of the Oscars, potential hosts back out altogether.

At the end of last night's series, Bill said that "this is a real problem in our society" - the idea that people being good enough was an issue because there could be someone that's perfect. Referring to the Kevin Hart dilemma, Bill added, "and sometimes, what you end up with is no one to host the Oscars at all."

As an example, Bill claimed Bohemian Rhapsody was accused of being flawed because it wasn't gay enough. However, in the past - the host began - the issue was that gay people didn't want to be reduced to their sexuality, but these days, people ask: "where's the d*ck sucking?"

You can check out Bill's funny rant below:

Maher, in reference to the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper collaboration, A Star Is Born , said there was an article written by a journalist for Vox which claimed there was a real "issue with consent," due to the power imbalance between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Bill joked that he didn't learn about consent from A Star Is Born. He learned that one should never wear khakis onstage when you have to use the washroom.

Will Bill's latest rant start another backlash? The last time Bill delivered his truthful opinion on someone was with the death of Stan Lee. Maher said Stan merely inspired a nation of people to read comic books and "go see a movie."

On his blog, Bill claimed comic books were essentially just entertainment for children and that's it. The comedian joked that he didn't doubt a nation who values comic books would also be the same one to vote for Donald Trump.

His thoughts on Lee came after it was revealed the legendary comic book creator had died. Lee left behind a massive fortune, and much of his corporation was left to his daughter. Putting that all aside, Bill clearly doesn't see the value in comic book and superhero movies.

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