Bill Gates Reveals $150 Million Donation To Help Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines

Bill Gates Reveals $150 Million Donation To Help Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines
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Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Bill Gates will drop $150 million to help distribute the coronavirus vaccine. If the scientific community is able to come up with a vaccine, the Microsoft co-founder says he'll make a donation.

During a conversation with Bloomberg News on Tuesday, Bill explained how it was important to make sure it would be available in not just the "rich countries." Thus far, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has introduced $350,000,000 to COVID-19 research.

According to Gates, the world will manage to beat COVID-19 due to "innovation in diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines," and it might come at the end of 2021. He says the "true end" will be when the world has herd immunity as well as a vaccine.

During a conversation with Wired this past week, Gates mocked the COVID-19 testing. He described it as being "complete garbage." Gates says that the majority of the United States' tests are "completely garbage, wasted."

According to Gates, it's mostly rich people who are getting access to the money that's made as a result of the coronavirus tests. Even though Gates has dedicated a lot of money and resources to battling diseases around the world, Gates's reputation has been called into question many times by social media users all over the world.

Conspiracy theories regarding Bill and Melinda Gates purport to describe a system in which the two entrepreneurs/philanthropists intend to profit massively from vaccines.

The conspiracy theory has caught on in the celebrity community as well. For instance, Erica Mena this year dropped an Instagram post in which she described Bill Gates as "disgusting" and "evil." She went on to slam him for not being a "medical professional," explaining that he has no right to administer a vaccine to anyone.

She also picked up on the conspiracy theory which states that Bill and Melinda use children in poor countries to test experimental vaccines. She said it was "an evident attempt at ethnic depopulation."

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