Bill Cosby's Wife Chimes In To Defend Vanessa And Kobe Bryant While Slamming The Media

Bill Cosby's Wife Chimes In To Defend Vanessa And Kobe Bryant While Slamming The Media
Credit: Source: CNN

It seems that everyoone is chiming in on their opinion about Gayle King's recent interview with Lisa Leslie where she asked about Kobe Bryant's 2003 rape case. After Bill Cosby posted his own message thanking Snoop Dogg for calling out Oprah and Gayle, his wife is adding her two cents.

Camille Cosby took to her husband's Instagram page to defend Vanessa and Kobe Bryant while slamming the media.

In a lengthy caption, Camille wrote: 'Camille Cosby Responds To Unwarranted & Relentless Attacks That Media & Their Cohorts Have Brought To Kobe Bryant’s Family...She Offers Her Support, Prayers & Love To Kobe’s Wife, Children & Family... “History repeats itself again, again and multiple, more agains. The relentless, stereotypical portrayals of people of color… and I will specify African American men for the purpose of this statement…and the ever-present, unproven accusations of Black men as sexually deviant, brutal black bucks, are repetitive obsessions in most general media.'


She added: 'Their messengers are all too enthusiastically ready to disseminate the particular horrific, racist imageries; that are forever the demonizations of Black men. The media’s current attempts to supersede Mr. Kobe Bryant’s celebrated history with an old case that was unproven and dismissed is downright parasitic and cruel… and the media’s numerous messengers are participants in that deplorable behavior and disrespect for Mr. Bryant’s wife children and family. Anyone who has suddenly lost a spouse, child or a loved one, intensely knows the emotional, penetrating traumas of that kind of shock. I certainly do.” Camille Cosby.'

This comes after Snoop Dogg criticized Gayle in a video that has since gone viral where he questions why she and Oprah are trying to tarnish the legacies of black men like Kobe, Michael Jackson, and Bill Cosby while protecting white men like Harvey Weinstein and Oprah's formal spiritual adviser who has allegedly been jailed for sexual assault.

What do you think about Camille's message?


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  • Filo Green
    Filo Green Feb 12, 2020 10:40 AM PST

    Camille Cosby has no credibility regarding this. She is a liar, a manipulator and the chief enabler of one of the worst predatorial abusers in known history. No one cares what she thinks about anything anymore.

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