Bill Cosby's Publicist Said The Reason For His Early Release Denial Is 'Ludacris'

Bill Cosby's Publicist Said The Reason For His Early Release Denial Is 'Ludacris'
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Bill Cosby's team was hoping to get an early release for him. This was after the Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has released various convicts. But it seems that officials stated that the same thing would definitely not going to happen for Bill as well.

The Shade Room has more details on what's going on.

'Mr. Cosby is not eligible for release under Gov. Wolf’s order since he was convicted of a violent offense (aggravated indecent assault) and was deemed a Sexually Violent Predator,' TSR cited Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office spokesperson, Kate Delano.

She continued and explained this: 'So for both of those reasons, he would not be eligible to be released.'

It's been also revealed that Bill Cosby’s publicist walked to TSR and said that the news came as a shock to Bill’s team.

The reason for this is because it seems that sources which are really tight with Governor Wolf leaked important info hinting at the fact that Bill might be released due to his age and blindness.

'For them to say, ‘Mr. Cosby doesn’t meet the criteria’ is ludicrous, ridiculous and absurd — (criteria) across this country was thrown out of the window, especially when Covid-19 was labeled a pandemic,' according to Andrew Wyatt, Bill Cosby’s publicist.

He also continued and said that these actions are political, personal and racist as well as you can see in TSR's original post.

Someone commented: 'Just curious if his skin color was different would the decision be the same...' and another follower said: 'As it should be! Leave him in there.'

One other follower posted this: 'They let 69 out, but they can’t let this elder man out who can barley see. Smh.'

Someone else said: 'He is damn near 100 years old who is he going to hurt? Violent Offender is a code word for “Black Man”.'

Another person believes that 'This what happens when you black in America. He’s convicted of crimes committed over 30 years ago and he still considered a threat to society.'

A follower is outraged that people want Coby out of jail: 'Y’all still saying “Free Bill” after all he did.... nothing going to change because it’s a virus going around.'

Someone else also said: 'they want mercy on him so bad when he did not have any mercy dropping pills in drinks bill sit down 🙄'

What do you think? Should Cosby be released?

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  • Angela Williamson
    Angela Williamson Apr 18, 2020 8:32 AM PDT

    NO!!! I do not think he should be released!! He was found guilty and that puts him under violent offender status. He did that, no one DID that to him. Black man, White man it doesn't matter. I personally know a man, a white man that doesn't have a violent bone in his body....but he was in car wreck where someone was killed and that he got locked up for, that's points towards violent offender/death involved. He is marked as a violent offender and he is not violent , so I do not buy the Violent offender=Black man at all. Cosby was found guilty, he did it, now he needs to do his time and let it be.

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