Bill Cosby Gives Ironic Speech To Prisoners In Prison While Referencing Jesus Christ And His Teachings

Bill Cosby Gives Ironic Speech To Prisoners In Prison While Referencing Jesus Christ And His Teachings
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According to a report from, Bill Cosby just celebrated his 82nd birthday this past Friday, on the 12th of July, and it was his first behind bars. The outlet reports Mr. Cosby was giving advice to fellow prisoners, a fact some might consider ironic due to the details of his imprisonment and the reasoning for it.

This past Friday morning, Bill apparently said to other convicts in the institution that they should "man up" and become "men of valor." In his post, the formerly iconic entertainer thanked all of his friends and family members for wishing him a happy birthday.

Apparently, men in the SCI Phoenix penitentiary asked him what he wanted for his birthday. As it was previously reported, Bill was accused and convicted of drugging and raping Andrea Constand at her home in 2004 approximately fifteen years ago.

Bill Cosby's downfall from Hollywood and the entertainment industry at large first began in 2014 with the viral video of Hannibal Buress' comedy stand-up routine, in which he made fun of the fact Bill had previously settled lawsuits for sexual assault.

In the skit, Hannibal also referenced the fact that Bill would tell young black men to pull their pants up, despite being accused of egregious crimes of a sexual nature. Following the clip that went viral, many other women started coming out with similar stories of abuse, many of which were sexual and involved drugs.

Allegedly, it wasn't uncommon for Mr. Cosby to lure young women into his home with promises of improving their career, and he would give them Quaaludes and other narcotics under the pretense of it being something else.

As a consequence of the allegations, many of the contributions that Cosby made to the black community were called into question, however, some entertainers such as Dave Chappelle said that it was important to separate the contributions from the person who delivered them. It was in Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix comedy special in which he made reference to the allegations against Mr. Cosby.

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  • Praetorius
    Praetorius Jul 13, 2019 8:36 PM PDT

    Dying sucks,i have lost many family members in the last 8 years,i wouldn't wanna be in his shoes right now,hang in there man and take it one day at a time.

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