Big Sean Shades Ex-Girlfriend Naya Rivera After Her Arrest For Battery

Big Sean Shades Ex-Girlfriend Naya Rivera After Her Arrest For Battery
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After police arrested Naya Rivera for misdemeanor domestic battery due to an altercation between herself and Ryan Dorsey in West Virginia on Saturday night, Big Sean took to Twitter to throw shade at his ex-girlfriend with a meme.

The 29-year-old rapper tweeted a video of a young girl saying, "I told you all nig*as!" And while we don't know exactly what he "told everybody," the meme was priceless.

After Big Sean shared his insinuated opinion on Twitter, many of his fans delivered mixed reactions. With one commenter stating, "we all know that you probably did something to make Rivera mad at you!"

The 30-year-old actress began dating the rapper in the spring of 2013 and announced their engagement just six months later. However, Big Sean broke off their potential-marriage resulting in Rivera claiming in her memoir that she found out on the Internet.

Celebrity Insider reported yesterday that on Saturday night, a police officer went to a house in Chesapeake, West Virgina after Dorsey claimed she hit him in the face as well as his head.

He suffered multiple minor injuries which corroborated his story. Furthermore, he showed a video to the authorities containing footage of the incident.

Sergeant B.D. Humphrey's of the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office said to People Magazine on Sunday that Dorsey "didn't require medical attention" after the altercation.

Although it may appear that Naya and Dorsey rushed into a relationship too soon, fans of the couple will remember when they dated back in 2010 but broke up while she played a role in Glee. After a year of marriage, Naya announced they had to separate. Their joint statement said after considering it, they concluded it would be best to end their relationship.

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