Big Sean Says ‘IDFWU’ Is Not A ‘Diss’ Track Against Naya Rivera 2 Months After Her Death - Insists ‘She Liked It’

Big Sean Says ‘IDFWU’ Is Not A ‘Diss’ Track Against Naya Rivera 2 Months After Her Death - Insists ‘She Liked It’
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It’s been six years since Big Sean dropped IDFWU, a song that most fans simply assumed was a diss to his ex, Naya Rivera . Now, after the actress’ tragic death, the rapper claims not only that it’s not the case but that it’s ‘hurtful’ this song is ‘associated’ with his late former girlfriend.

It only took the two less than a year to start dating, get engaged, and then break up between April of 2013 and April of 2014!

So when 5 months after they separated, Big Sean released a song titled ‘I Don’t F**k With You’ many obviously though the song was all about the actress and their failed relationship!

But was it really a diss track directed at Naya Rivera or not?

Well, two months after her drowning, the man decided it was time he addressed that assumption.

When asked during an interview for Vulture if he has any regrets about writing that song about Naya now that she has passed, Big Sean admitted that ‘that’s a tough question to answer because I am still processing a lot of that.’

He went on: ‘I do not feel comfortable talking about it since I want to respect her. She has made such an impact on people, and she has done many great things in her life and career that it is hurtful to even have that be associated with her. It was not a diss to her. I made the song and played it for her.’

‘She knew about it, and actually really liked it. We had a breakup that was really public, and we were very young, but we forgave each other and moved on from it. If I would've known something this tragic would've happened, I would've never made the song.’

What do you think about Big Sean's song and its message after what has happened to Naya Rivera?

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