Big Sean Reflects On His Passion And Mental Health - Says He Realized That His Real Passion Is 'Inspiring' Others

Big Sean Reflects On His Passion And Mental Health - Says He Realized That His Real Passion Is 'Inspiring' Others
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Big Sean touched on his mental health struggles in one of his latest tracks, "Deep Reverence," in which he claimed he was taught many things in school but never how to "cope with depression and anxiety."

The song was a big hit among his fans, which catapulted the rapper's new record to the number one position above all of his competition. These days, Sean has been enjoying the success of Detroit 2 , and he was recently spotted working with Freddie Gibbs.

Earlier in the week, Big Sean stopped by The Fat Joe Show where he and Joe chatted about Nipsey Hussle and what a legend he was. More importantly, Fat Joe compared him to the late rapper who was shot and killed outside of his clothing store in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, Big Sean was on the Jemele Hill is Unbothered podcast on Spotify to share what it was like to make Detroit 2, his mental health, as well as his collaboration with some of the biggest artists in music.

Amid the interview, Big Sean said he always wanted to do a sequel to Detroit 2 . "That was like one of my favorite projects" the rapper explained, before going on to touch on his mental health struggles over the years and how it inspired him to make a new record.

The rapper says there was a period in his life where he really wondered if he could continue as a performing artist. He had a lot of depression and anxiety, just because some moments were so frustrating.

As for how he got through it all, Big Sean claimed he had another passion besides rapping: to inspire. Regarding what it was like to work with Eminem and Stevie Wonder, Big Sean said Wonder was the greatest singer-songwriter to ever do it, and he wanted to release a track with him but they didn't have time.

When asked what he thought of Kanye West's most recent antics, Big Sean said that West gave him the "opportunity of a lifetime," and for that, he would always "have respect and love for him." For all the people struggling out there, Big Sean urged them to "enjoy life," because that's when all the blessings come back.

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