Big Sean Posts Empowering Message About Mental Health And Therapy

Big Sean Posts Empowering Message About Mental Health And Therapy
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The performer took to social media to mark his birthday by opening up about his own mental health journey in an empowering message. As fans know, Big Sean turned 31 years old and decided to get candid about some struggles he’d previously kept private.

‘I'm definitely seeing things different than how I used to see them. I was not feeling like myself and I couldn't figure out why,’ the man started, referring to around this time, last year.

He went on: ‘I stepped back from everything that I was doing…as somewhere in the middle of it, I felt lost and I don't know how I got there.’

The rapper explained that in order to deal with his depression and anxiety he used to meditate but apparently, it was not enough for the way he was feeling.

He realized that his situation needed ‘special attention’ so he started going to therapy.

‘I was blessed to talk to some spiritual people. They made me realize the one thing that I was missing in my life, and the one thing was clarity. I needed clarity. Clarity about who was around me and what I was doing.’

At that point, his music had started to be more of a burden than anything else as well, and all relationships in his life were either struggling or downright toxic.

Sean realized that in order to fix those relationships, he first needed to nurture the one with himself.

The Grammy winner, who has not released an album since 2017, went on to reveal that in the meantime, he has managed to return to his music without it feeling like a burden to him.

That being said, it sounds like fans can look forward to something dropping sooner than later!

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