Big Sean And GF Jhene Aiko Broken Up? — The Truth About The Cheating Scandal And Split Speculations!

Big Sean And GF Jhene Aiko Broken Up? — The Truth About The Cheating Scandal And Split Speculations!
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The two have been involved in a cheating scandal! So have Big Sean and his significant other Jhene Aiko put an end to their relationship following the drama between them? Here’s what we have learned!

Apparently, despite all of the cheating allegations against the man, he and Aiko are still together and doing well!

One source claims that ‘Jhene and Big Sean are good, they have a lot of love for one other and are very much still together. Jhene and Sean tease each other all the time, often on social media. They always poke fun at one other but there’s nothing wrong in their relationship and they aren’t broken up. She gets frustrated with him sometimes so she may unfollow Sean just to take a break from it, or give him a hard time, and but that’s all.’

The same insider also talked about the wave of worried fans after the singer shared a pic of her getting a tattoo.

A lot of social media users assumed she may have been either removing or covering up the portrait of Big Sean on her arm, which, of course, would have meant a confirmation that they are over.

But apparently, ‘She didn’t have the tattoo of him removed like the rumors speculated. She was, in fact, getting more ink on, not taken off. Nor was Sean caught cheating. He’s busy spending time in the studio, making music. She loves and supports him as he does his thing.’

In case you did not know, Big Sean sparked cheating rumors when he was caught getting super close with Nicole Scherzinger at an Oscars after-party back in March.

One eyewitness said at the time that ‘They both attended an Oscars party and cozied up together sitting at a VIP table. They were all over each other and looked really comfortable around one other. They looked like a couple.’

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