'Big Little Lies' Is Confirmed For Season 2; New Characters Will Be Introduced

'Big Little Lies' Is Confirmed For Season 2; New Characters Will Be Introduced
Credit: Vanity Fair

The ladies of Monterey are headed back to your television screens. HBO has officially confirmed that the second season of Big Little Lies has been confirmed.

Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman return to co-star but they will also both executive produce this time around. Witherspoon commented via an article released by HBO on Friday, December 8th.

"I'm thrilled to be bringing back this talented team of artists. It gives us the opportunity to delve deeper into the lives of these intriguing and intricate Monterey families and bring more of their stories back to the audience who embraced and championed them," said Witherspoon.

The first season of the show was based on the book by Liane Moriarty. The second season will obviously be a completely unique storyline as the first season ended where the book did. But there are so many potential possibilities for the characters and the personalities that fans grew to love over the course of the first season. Notable praise was often given to the type of gorgeous music that accompanied many of the scenes. Music production was one of the strongest aspects of the show.

The seven-episode season will be directed by Andrea Arnold who has produced some stunning and interesting work with women at the center. The show is also introducing four new characters and in keeping with the mysterious tone of the first season, someone may be involved in some sort of tragedy.

A new teacher will be added, Mr. Perkins, who teaches the kids about global warming which causes Renata's daughter, Amabella, to have a panic attack. There is a new employee in the school's administration office that befriends Jane, the two become very close and learn about each other's "deepest secrets".

To round off the new characters will be Bonnie's parents, whom she has a precarious relationship with. Her mother, Elizabeth, though outwardly very zen and poised much like her daughter, is actually very controlling and abusive. Her father, Martin, is typically very emotionally distant.

Looks like this next season will be quite the dramatic exploration on many fronts. Big Little Lies was a major runaway hit in its first season and they're back for more!


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