Big Brother Alum Audrey Middleton Drops A Truth Bomb About CBS Show Amid Racism Scandal

Big Brother Alum Audrey Middleton Drops A Truth Bomb About CBS Show Amid Racism Scandal
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Big Brother alum Audrey Middleton is dropping a few truth bombs about the CBS amid its current season that is of racism and sexism.

Middleton was on Season 17 of the summer reality TV show. She was also the first transgender houseguest, but her experience on the show was anything but pleasant.

"I have never said this publicly, mostly out of fear. However, Big Brother doesn't give a s&*t about representation. A week before I was cast, I was flown out to LA and *told* I should come out on national television because they were worried about perception," Middleton shared via Twitter.

Her season was the summer of 2015, which means Middleton entered the house days after Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender. It was the story of the year. Production felt it would look bad if Middleton did not come out as trans from the second she entered the house.

However, it was hypocritical of the network and production to force her to acknowledge she was transgender. The next year, Survivor castaway Zeke Smith, a transgender male, was allowed to play the game without coming out as trans. When a fellow contestant revealed Smith was transgender, the cast member was immediately kicked off the show.

"To be completely blunt, in my experience and opinion, like most systems, Big Brother US is a completely corrupt operation whose agenda is solely to make money. Hence, the lack of authenticity from the host, the poorly-planned twist, and routine cast with bigoted viewers," she shared in another Tweet.

The Twitter tirade did not end there either. Once she was on a roll, the Tweets just kept coming.

"They protect the worst individuals on the show and undermine the edits of the minorities because they need people to keep watching. They can't exploit the Jack's because they need to be likable for the long game to retain viewership," Middleton Tweeted.

She went on to call out the show and network for exploiting people and encouraging her followers to boycott the show. It is the only way to make a change in her opinion.

"They represent those that suit them. If you don't, they will discredit, sabotage, and exploit those who they deem lesser than to limit their voice. To be honest, it's much darker, in my experience. Too much to type. If you want justice, force them to change by not watching. #Bb21" said her Tweet.

Audrey Middleton knows first-hand what the Big Brother experience is like. She was a participant in Season 15 and had nothing good to say about the show or CBS.

What are your thoughts on Middleton’s Twitter tirade about Big Brother ?

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