Big Brother Accused Of Racism - Fans Of The Show Demand An Explanation From CBS

Big Brother Accused Of Racism - Fans Of The Show Demand An Explanation From CBS
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According to a report from, fans of the show, Big Brother, have repeatedly taken contestants to task on social media for supposed racist comments and behavior. Today, CBS and  Big Brother  producers released a written defense, acquired by People and several other publications.

Their statement read that Big Brother is a reality television series in which people live in the house for several months with no contact with people from the outside world. Producers of the show stated that much of the content broadcasted on television is unedited and raw.

They added that in many cases, contestants say things they don't condone, and they address these problems with the Houseguests involved.

Addressing the claims of racist casting, producers from the television series stated that there is no truth at all to the claims that they fire people based on ethnicity. As it was previously reported, three people of color were eliminated from the show last week.

Kemi Fakunle, Ovi Kabir, and David Alexander were all kicked off the set of the show for what they called "racism" from other Houseguests. One Twitter user said that CBS has "some explaining to do." Moreover, a few people on Twitter criticized Matthews for his actions toward the 25-year-old, Fakunle.

People who watch the show accused Matthew of being implicitly racist. Another fan actually created a petition on to get Matthews expelled from the house. Since Wednesday evening, the petition has been signed by approximately 7,700 people, and the goal is 10,000.

Other fans said the producers were willingly not airing the instances of racism and bullying. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly this past week, all three contestants stated that while they never really felt a part of the cast, it was hard to say whether it was actually racism or not.

The reality TV stars said they couldn't say for sure if there were instances of racism, but there was definitely a feeling like they weren't welcome in the home.

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