Big Bang Star Mayim Bialik's Friends Not Surprised By Airport Drama - 'She Can Be Really Awful'

Big Bang Star Mayim Bialik's Friends Not Surprised By Airport Drama - 'She Can Be Really Awful'
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik had some travel trouble this past weekend that led to an airport meltdown. And, an insider says this isn’t the first time the former child star has shown diva-like behavior.

According to Radar Online, Bialik’s renewed fame from starring in the Big Bang Theory has turned her into a “mini monster” when she travels. And, even though she is “super intelligent,” she is also “an entitled diva.”

Bialik was in Houston trying to make her connecting flight to Los Angeles, and after running through the airport and arriving at the gate, the actress says that a United Airlines employee wouldn’t let her board the plane and “shut the gate” in her face.

The incident caused her to miss her flight, but she was able to take a later one.

The 43-year-old expressed her frustrations in a series of tweets and insisted that she was not a “prima donna.”

“@UnitedAirlines I ran for 10 min to make the flight you made me late for with your delays,” Bialik wrote. “This is about humanity. She didn’t even say she was sorry. I’m sorry I flew your airline. Thanks for booking me on a later flight. But right now, she needs to remember we are all human.”

What really upset the actress was the fact that the employee didn’t allow her on the flight because there was no room for her carry-on luggage, but five other passengers with carry-ons were allowed to board. Bialik explained that they told her there were plenty of open seats, so she told the airline employee that she had a first-class ticket, and she would have no problem putting her carry-on bag in that seat and sitting in an open seat somewhere else.

An insider claims that Bialik has a history of diva antics. Two years ago, she allegedly flipped out during the Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards when she discovered someone was sitting in her seat.

“Mayim was so nasty, screaming that it was her seat. Another famous rapper/actor was standing there with us, and he had to tell Mayim to stop it,” said the informant. “And he actually told her that she was being really rude!”

The source claims that the rest of the BBT cast is “so nice,” and some of them do not like Bialik’s behavior. “She can be really awful,” the insider said, “I’m not alone, it’s out there.”

As for the airport disaster, United spokesman Jonathan Guerin said that they were able to get Mayim Bialik on the next flight to Los Angeles, and they are currently reviewing what happened at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.


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