Bianca Allaine Says She Witnessed Marilyn Manson Molesting Her Underage Friends

Bianca Allaine Says She Witnessed Marilyn Manson Molesting Her Underage Friends
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Bianca Allaine says she witnessed Marilyn Manson molesting her underage friends when she was a teenager before embarking on a romantic relationship with him when she turned 19-years-old. Speaking exclusively to the Sun, Bianco described Manson as being a predator who preyed upon her and her friends. She is one of many women who have come forward to accuse the shock rocker of multiple crimes. Bianca, 41, met Manson in 1995 when she was 16-years-old. She says that she and several of her friends met him on his tour bus during his Smells Like Children tour and that was where she witnessed him molest her friends. She says that Manson also behaved inappropriately with her and French kissed her, though she didn't describe him sexually assaulting her by groping.

Manson has come under intense scrutiny as multiple women say that he has groomed them, brainwashed them, used mind control techniques on them. Evan Rachel Wood alleged Manson terrorized her, abused her, and sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions during their relationship. Once Evan went public with her allegations on February 1, 2021, other women followed Evan's lead and made their own claims against the 52-year-old singer. Bianca is one of the first to come forward and say she witnessed Marilyn Manson sexually molest underage girls.

Bianca described Marilyn Manson as having a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality and said that he loved to humiliate her.

The description of Manson is like that given by Evan Rachel Wood, Esme Bianco, Sarah McNeilly, Ashley Morgan, Ashley Walters, and Gabriella Accarino. Bianco also said that Marilyn Manson loved to bite her. It's an allegation that several of the other women made as well.

Bianca Allaine spoke about her relationship with Marilyn Manson when she was 19-years-old. She stated the following to the Sun.

I was in love with him, and I thought it was mutual. I just wanted a regular relationship with him. Now that I've actually had love in my life, I know that wasn't love. I don't know what I was thinking. He would be very sweet one minute, and then he'd degrade me in front of his friends.

You may read the Sun's exclusive interview with Bianca Allaine below.

Bianca Allaine spoke to the Sun in a recent interview and revealed she has an appointment scheduled with the F.B.I. and will present her information on the 1995 allegations that she witnessed Manson molesting underage girls.

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