Bhad Bhabie Throws A Drink On Iggy Azalea At The Fashion Nova Party - Check Out The Video Here

Bhad Bhabie Throws A Drink On Iggy Azalea At The Fashion Nova Party - Check Out The Video Here

Bhad Bhabie is one bad young chick. Just take a look at the video below shared by The Shade Room to see this young lady throwing a drink at Iggy Azalea during the Fashion Nova party.

TSR has a few words to caption their post which includes a series of videos.

'Whew chilay!!! #BhadBhabie seen throwing a drink on #IggyAzalea last night at the Fashion Nova party. The two rappers then respond to each other via social media!! ? (SWIPE)'

You can see in TSR's post a video of Iggy responding to what happened and then there are also some harsh words that the two ladies exchanged on social media.

Someone commented that Bhabie needs a 'correction': 'he needs her Lil behind whooped .., you wanna play with grown folks you will get these hands And your mammy for raising you.'

Another fan joked 'See Iggy needs some little cousins from the block lol she did the right thing though.'

One commenter said that 'This is childish. Why ppl hate @thenewclassic so much? She seems like she is chilling and minding hers honestly.'

Someone was a bit disappointed by the whole situation and said 'I see so many women fighting and disrespecting each other love and hip hop, bad girls club, etc got you women acting like Hyena’s but you say you Queens ?? I’m lost ??‍♂️'

One person agreed and said 'I’m sorry, but you both look foolish. Iggy for getting on social media and responding and bhad barbie for throwing water. Then Iggy just out here calling females fat and large what does describing her body shape have to do with anything like we can really see the female. Man I’m starting to not like you iggy you were great when you were quiet and kept to yourself.'

In other news, recent reports have been talking about how obsessed Playboi Carti is with his new girlfriend Iggy's body and it seems that she feels exactly the same way about him.

What do you think about this beef that's been going on between Iggy and Bhabie?

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