Bhad Bhabie Reportedly Checks Into Rehab Following Past Trauma From Childhood And Substance Abuse

Bhad Bhabie Reportedly Checks Into Rehab Following Past Trauma From Childhood And Substance Abuse
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During these difficult times, it seems that Bhad Bhabie has some problems of her own that she's trying hard to deal with. The Shade Room just reported that the young lady checked into rehab.

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It seems that the young lady is now seeking help for a number of things.

TSR cites info from TMZ and reveals that 'the 17-year-old checked herself into an undisclosed facility and has been there for the past few weeks. According to the site, it was revealed that she was receiving treatment for a number of things, including past trauma from her childhood, and also substance abuse in the form of prescription pills.'

It's been also revealed that 'A source connected to the rapper included that her team was aware of severity of the issue, which is why they made the decision to seek help. So far she is doing well and is “optimistic about her progress,” and could be in there for 30-90 days.'

Danielle's management said that they are really proud of her for admitting that she has these issues and she's looking for help.

Someone said that 'She is way too young to already be having these types of problems. Parents have to love how to be a parent and not their kid's friends.'l

A commenter said: 'Don’t care for her, but it’s nice to hear she took a step in the right direction. She’s was going down a destructive path.'

Another follower posted: 'So did the trauma make her want to be black? What brought this on? That Vicki chick slapping her up.'

One fan said: 'Good. I really hope she gets better. Regardless of how you all feel about her, SHE IS A CHILD who needs help love & support. I hope she gets better and gets on track. I’m rooting for her she has the potential.'

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