Bhad Bhabie Has A Message For Fans After Being Dragged

Bhad Bhabie Has A Message For Fans After Being Dragged
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Bhad Bhabie sent a message to her fans after people dragged her. Check out what she had to say below.

'LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE!!! I 100% expected ppl to bash me, but that’s not what I’m upset about! I’m upset about ppl overlooking what I’m saying—point blank period. I don’t and never will give at about who like me and don’t ... not everyone is gonna like me. But when I see ppl being childish about a serious situation, it makes my blood boil Bc. Imagine if it was someone you knew and cared about that went through this, you would be furious and want to put a stop to it. And how y’all get so mad that I wasn’t wearing a wig and about someone NATURAL hair 😂 to y’all think imma be bald for y’all 😂😂gtfo why tf would that be a wig when it’s literally damaged curls,' she said.

Someone posted this: 'Y’all she got tears in her eyes. Why y’all always do this to her. I’m glad she brought awareness to this and y’all not realizing how strong she is for that or looking at the bigger picture. Stop judging the way she looks and talks and listens to her words. I’m sick!'

One follower said: 'You don’t have to explain yourself to nobody it’s your story 🙏🏾' and someone else posted this message: 'I don't always agree with what you say and post but you made a great video highlight some very serious issues we face and it should be taken seriously good on you for speaking up and using your voice and platform to do what you can to help awareness.'

Another follower said: 'Right, they swear up and down they don’t like you but still following you 🤦🏾‍♂️' and someone else posted this: 'People that matter will get your point. Don’t even respond to shit like that cuz THIS is exactly what they want- don’t ever let them win. 💛'

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