Bhad Bhabie Defends Relationship With Her 20-Year-Old Rapper Boyfriend

Bhad Bhabie Defends Relationship With Her 20-Year-Old Rapper Boyfriend
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According to new reports, Bhad Bhabie, née Danielle Bregoli, has found a new man. The Dr. Phil  alum recently got ink on the back of her leg of Yung Bans' real name, leading many on social media to wonder if their relationship is official.

Social media users aren't particularly impressed by the potential of their relationship, however, mostly on account of the age difference. The 17-year-old appeared to confirm the news of their romance on the 'Gram, and a few people had something to say down in the comment section.

In addition to the celebration of her brand new hairstyle on Instagram, there were many in the comments who wondered who the guy was lying in her bed. The 20-year-old artist could be seen in the video, underneath the covers, and he's 20-years-old, whereas Danielle is 17-years-old.

While the age gap isn't that large and it's certainly not illegal either, people on social media weren't happy about it. Yung Bans is an adult man, at this point in his life, whereas Danielle still counts as a minor. The teenage rapper said there was nothing illegal about the relationship.

A supposed fan, or at least a social media follower, said to her that it was a charge for Bans to be laying in her bed. Bhad Bhabie said in response that it wasn't against the law, because the age of consent in Atlanta, Georgia, is 17-years-old.

Bhabie went on to say that she was more than happy with her new relationship and she wasn't about to let anyone speak ill on his or her name. As most know, Bhabie is no stranger to controversy on social media.

In fact, in the past, Bregoli admitted she wouldn't be coming back to the platform for months due to the never-ending onslaught, including mean comments and criticism, on her account.

Earlier this year, Bhabie was also slapped with a restraining order from Skai Jackson, who claimed she didn't even understand why Bhad Bhabie was bothering her so much. As it was previously reported, Bregoli purportedly shouted, "I'll kill you! I'll kill you!" to Jackson on the internet.

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