BH90210 Stars Explain Beverly Hills 90210 Quasi-Reboot In Their Own Words

BH90210 Stars Explain Beverly Hills 90210 Quasi-Reboot In Their Own Words
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Ever since the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot was announced fans have been freaking out over the news the gang of West Beverly was coming together again. However, the news has also prompted questions from fans wondering precisely what BH90210 is going to be since the actors are essentially playing themselves, not their iconic characters.

Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Gabrielle Carteris, and Jason Priestly were recently at the Fox upfronts to promote the show to advertisers and explain the concept in their own words to fans.

"So, the idea is we're playing ourselves eventually recreating a reboot of 90210," Green shared with reporters at the event on Monday.

Ziering also tried to explain the six-part event in words that make it clear the show is not a typical reboot.

"And there's gonna be hints of some of the things that occur in our real lives, but they'll be exaggerated. The stakes'll rise, the tensions will permeate through different storylines. We'll bring together a lot of comedy, some drama, in a way that really it's more assisted reality, heightened reality than a complete reboot. But it's going to be us coming together to get the show back on the air," the Sharknado star explained.

Production has not officially begun on the new series, but there have been a couple of promos that have fans intrigued. It will be interesting to see the group back but not as Brenda, Brandon, Steve, Kelly, Andrea, Donna and David.

Talk of the new show was all the rage this week but there was one question on the cast and fans minds. What was it like doing the show without Luke Perry, who played heartthrob Dylan McKay? Ziering admitted everyone is still wrapping their heads around the tremendous loss of their friend and couldn't put into words how he was feeling.

The BH90210 cast is doing their best to explain the new show. Garth and Spelling have both used social media to describe the format. Their descriptions have made it clear it is not a reboot, but that doesn't seem to matter. The buzz around the new show is outstanding.

Even though it won't be the same show, fans are thrilled to have the stellar cast back. It is nostalgia at its best. All remaining questions fans have will be answered on August 7th, when BH90210 premieres on Fox.


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