Beyonce's Twins, Sire And Rumi Carter, Stole The Show In New Photos Taken At Blue Ivy' Birthday Party

Beyonce's Twins, Sire And Rumi Carter, Stole The Show In New Photos Taken At Blue Ivy' Birthday Party
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Beyonce is making her fans super happy with a series of photos taken at Blue Ivy's birthday party. Big sister Blue celebrated with mom and dad -- Beyonce and Jay-Z -- along with her twin siblings; Sire and Rumi.

Blue wore colorful makeup and even had a mini fashion show with her friends.

The singer penned a sweet note that said: "Thank you from the depths of me for all my Birthday Loving. I had an incredible B-day! I’m grateful for every breath. I thank GOD for all of my Blessings, my wins, and my Losses. I thank GOD for All of you!”

The release of Beyonce's recent documentary Making the Gift was met with praises from her fans and critics alike, and many commended the singer for her fantastic work and dedication.

However, one detail of the film, in particular, seems to be drawing even more attention than the production itself -- the performance of Blue Ivy.

The girl maybe only seven years old, but she managed to stun the whole world with her delivery of "Brown Skin Girl," which was featured in the documentary.

The film showed how Beyonce taught the lyrics and melody to her girl and sang to her for a while to teach her how to get things right.

However, it looks like little Blue did not really need that much of a push in the first place, as she immediately sprung into action, and delivered a solid performance that many claimed was quite rare for her age.

It looks like Beyonce is pushing her girl in the right direction by promoting her creativity and allowing her to express herself like that.

Hopefully, this will continue shortly, as Beyonce has made it clear that she wants to do the best for her daughter, and is willing to go to great lengths to accomplish that.

And from what the public has seen so far, she seems to be doing a great job as a mother as well, and has won even more respect from her fans for her actions in this regard.

One fan said: "Beyoncé and her children are SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL ❤️❤️ MY GOODNESS.rumi is the spitting image of blue 😍😍😍literally had the same child twice! Omg."

Another commenter stated: "Beautiful kids ❤️ , I love how she rarely posts the twins! I love the fact that her kids are KIDS!!! 😩😍Rumi is Bey’s twin. Rumi is a little B. But they are all soooo stinking cute!!! She seems like a great mother. 😩❤️❤️"

This follower claimed: "Rumi looks like Beyoncé😍 They are all a beautiful mixture of both parents.😍"

Beyonce knows how to keep her fans happy.

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