Beyonce’s Pregnancy: Twins’ Gender Speculations And Lion King Role Offer!

Beyonce’s Pregnancy: Twins’ Gender Speculations And Lion King Role Offer!

Pregnant Beyonce has stirred the internet once again after posting a video that caused fans to speculate it was meant to give away the unborn twins’ genders!

The video, made from a series of pictures, shows the singer dressed in a long sequence dress which shows her curves that never disappeared despite expecting twins.

Immediately after, fans took her account by storm, asking whether the video was a teaser for new music or a hint about the twins’ sexes.

Aside from those speculations, some followers were more interested in how she managed to keep her hot figure in the weeks prior to giving birth.

"Curves intact even when she's pregnant with twins slay queen," one fan praised, while another wondered whether the feminine vibe of the video meant she’s having two daughters.

The new speculations appear just as the famous artist was named the number one choice to play Nala in the Lion King live-action remake.

According to Variety, Beyonce is considered the ideal star to play Simba’s queen in the upcoming film.

However, the publication also revealed that Beyonce is yet to make a decision regarding the offer and that is due mainly to the fact that she is pregnant.

The director and studio are willing to do whatever it takes and accommodate the star for her voice-acting work.

Queen Bey has voiced a character before, back in 2013. She played Queen Tara in the animation film ‘Epic.’

Aside from Beyonce, other stars that are on board to act in the upcoming live-action movie are Donald Glover, who will play Simba, and James Earl Jones as Mufasa.

Have you figured out the genders of Beyonce’s twins? Also, is she the perfect Nala?

Tell us your opinions in the comment section down below.

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