Beyonce's Make-Up Artist Sir John Teamed Up With Barbie To Give The Doll A Makeover

Beyonce's Make-Up Artist Sir John Teamed Up With Barbie To Give The Doll A Makeover
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Beyonce isn't the only one getting a makeover from renowned celebrity makeup artist Sir John. Now, he's giving makeovers to Barbie ! Yes, that's right — Barbie! Sir John teamed up with Mattel to create modern, ethnic looks that are representative of today's woman. If you think that means dolls that look like something you would expect to see on Beyonce then you would be correct. As Beyonce's go-to makeup artist, it comes as no surprise that the Barbie dolls have a 'Beyonce-Esque' quality to them. In fact, he used Beyonce's Coachella look, as well as looks from The Lion King as inspiration.

The dolls feature Sir John's signature lips, eyes, and skin and that gives them a look that is as close to Beyonce as you are likely to ever see represented on a doll.

Photos of each Barbie are available on the official Barbiestyle Instagram account. Along with a slideshow showing off the gorgeous, celebrity-worthy looks, Barbie stated this about the collaboration.

We’ve teamed up with celebrity makeup artist and activist @sirjohn to celebrate his extraordinary craft and showcase our shared vision for diversity in beauty. “Barbie is the ultimate muse,” he says. “Her evolution and range of representation is so inspiring to me. With this editorial, we’re able to showcase a multi-dimensional view of beauty and celebrate the uniqueness of individuals. My hope for this project is to inspire new and exciting beauty trends through the lens of Barbie.” 💄 #sirjohn #barbie #barbiestyle

You may see a report from Elle magazine about Sir John teaming up with Barbie below.

Unfortunately for the public, the dolls will not be mass-produced and sold but this is a limited-edition extension of Sir John's work and essentially, makes Barbie one of his celebrity clients.

Source: Mattel

What do you think about Sir John's collaboration with Mattel? Do you like the looks? Do you think Mattel should make their updated Barbie dolls available for sale to the public?


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