Beyonce's Family And Closest Friends Pay Formation Ode To Superstar On Her Birthday

Beyonce's Family And Closest Friends Pay Formation Ode To Superstar On Her Birthday

The closest women to Beyonce gave the superstar a birthday gift to end all birthday gifts as they dressed up as the musical icon. Today is Queen B's 36th birthday and aside from having one of the most impressive musical careers of her generation, Beyonce has amassed friends and millions of fans alike.

Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, Blue Ivy Carter and even former First Lady, Michelle Obama, got in on the action to recreate the famous and powerful image attached to the title song from Beyonce's most recent album Lemonade .

Each woman donned a low, full brimmed black hat, two plaits, and a chunky silver necklace. An ode to the brilliance and visual impact that Beyonce has applied to her craft, it's pretty incredible when the people the most important to you in your life, show up to support the grand force you are.

Beyonce has had one hell of a couple of years as she released her long awaited album Lemonade alongside a visual video that left fans captivated and enthralled by the messages and imagery.

It seemed that Beyonce was divulging much of her own personal struggle and experience in a very real and transparent way. Set to gorgeous music and powerful images, some lauded the project as her most daring, important work to date.

Fast forward several months and news of her second pregnancy was revealed. Further news, that she was expecting twins, was even more surprising. Since giving birth, she has reemerged into the spotlight by going to specific events, attending date nights with hubby, Jay Z, and being vocal about giving to those in need in the wake of the Hurricane Harvey tragedy.

Beyonce has had one illustrious career so it's no wonder those closest to her are also impressed and inspired by the singer. As a musical and performing force in her mid-30s, she's come such a long way in two decades, since the inception of Destiny's Child, all the way to a bountiful and unstoppable solo career.

Beyonce has done more than made a name for herself, she's ensured an indelible legacy.

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