Beyonce's Face Looks Very Different In New Photos At Tyler Perry's Event, And It Has Her Fans Saying She is Pregnant With Baby Number 4

Beyonce's Face Looks Very Different In New Photos At Tyler Perry's Event, And It Has Her Fans Saying She is Pregnant With Baby Number 4
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Diva Beyoncé stunned everyone in a gold dress at the Tyler Perry Studios opening in Atlanta, and fans seem to be more convinced than ever that she is pregnant with baby number 4.

Jay-Z's wife wore little makeup other than a sexy bright red lipstick. The talented singer posed with numerous celebrities at the event.

One fan said this: "Okay, so she’s pregnant asf. Her nose is a dead giveaway lol." Another commenter claimed: "She pregnant....that nose. Definitely adjusted my brightness to see that stomach."

This supporter shared: "Definitely pregnant. It’s all in the face. Welp either that is a food baby.... or a baby baby. 👀🤰🏽🤰🏽"

Kelly Rowland is not talking about the pregnancy, but she is apparently among those disappointed that Beyonce did not get an Emmy for Homecoming , claiming that her fellow Destiny's Child bandmate definitely deserved the recognition.

The singer and TV personality stated: “Only because I know she lost sleep. I know… it was like Homecoming , the culture of it, the pride of it, the passion behind it, um, the countless sleepless hours. I know what those are, and I know what those were for her, so, yeah, I do think she was robbed.”

Rowland is far from the only one to express this sentiment ever since Beyoncé got snubbed for the award, but it does not seem like her opinion is going to change the situation at this point.

For good or bad, Beyoncé herself is moving forward with her career and has put the incident behind her at this point.

The project did get nominated for a total of six Emmys, but none of them were awarded to Beyoncé in the end.

Many of the singer's supporters claimed that she was robbed of an award she rightfully deserved, and it looks like the outcome disappointed a large number of people.

Rowland pointed out how much sleep Beyoncé had lost over her work on the film, claiming that it was not fair for the singer to not receive her proper recognition for it.

However, others have noted that Beyoncé still definitely got recognized for working on the film, and got lots of attention from multiple sides for it.

It also received lots of recognition on Netflix where it aired, and it does not seem like Beyonce was suffering from a significant lack of attention on her work.

Perhaps next time she will be more lucky with regards to her award, but until then, she will no doubt keep pouring her heart out into her work as she always has until now.

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