Beyonce's Children Picture Leaks And Here Is What She Did About The Invasion Of Privacy

Beyonce's Children Picture Leaks And Here Is What She Did About The Invasion Of Privacy
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A picture of Queen Beyonce's all three children leaked online, and her fans went into panic mode because they know she is going to find the person who betrayed her.

The photo, which is in a frame and hangs on a wall, features big sister, Blue Ivy, holding her twin siblings; Rumi and Sir Carter sitting in a field of flowers.

The leaked picture of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's children originally surfaced on the Instagram account of The Hollywood Unlocked and the owner Jason Lee did an interview explaining why he was forced to delete it.

Jason claimed he got the image from "an anonymous source," and Beyoncé demanded that it be removed because it was "not authorized."

He stated: "We received a photo of Beyoncé's children via an anonymous source and posted the image believing that it had already been posted by the Carters. After receiving a call from Beyoncé's representative and learning that the image was not authorized we immediately removed it from our platform out of respect for their privacy."

In a recent interview with US Weekly , Tina Knowles, Beyonce's mother, said this about her precious grandbabies: “The girl (Rumi) is really just going to rule the world, and the boy (Sir) is kind of laid back and chill like the dad. She’s (Blue Ivy) the Queen B. The second Queen B.”

Fans have taken to social media to say leave Beyonce's family alone and laugh at the person who gave or sold the picture to the media.

One fan said: "Awww so precious!! Beyonce and Solange bear an UNCANNY resemblance to their, "Great, Great, Great Grandmother. I often wondered about the 18th Century inspired customs Beyonce has worn, now I completely understand how the inspired look came about."

Another commenter stated: "Her barbies are beautiful; they are chubby little babies. Blue looks like Beyonce and Jay-Z, but those babies don’t look like either of them."

This person explained why Beyonce is protecting her babies: "I think everyone is just being protective of Beyoncé’s children because the world doesn’t care and enjoys bullying her and her family."

Beyonce will likely post pictures of her children on their second birthday sometime in the summer or when she releases a new project in the future.

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