Beyonce's Birthday Cake Wore Her Grammy Crown? See The Luxurious Confection

Beyonce's Birthday Cake Wore Her Grammy Crown? See The Luxurious Confection

Beyonce celebrated her 36th birthday on September 4, 2017, and now the public is getting a good look at her luxurious birthday cake. Beyonce spent her special day in Philadelphia with family and friends and even attended hubby Jay Z's Made in America festival where he and fans serenaded her with a rendition of " Happy Birthday ." Though everyone celebrated Queen Bey in their own way, it was her stunning, luxurious birthday cake that is getting praised on social media. The cake was adorned with a confectionary crown crafted in likeness to the one she wore at the Grammys.

Beyonce's birthday cake cost $3,500 and is a magnificent work of art to behold. According to reports, the cake was a combination of honey and lavender and the three-tier work of art was adorned with cookies, edible, crystallized sugar, and topped with Beyonce's Grammy crown.

The Pennsylvania bakery Cake Life Bake Shop shared about the unusual order on their Instagram page. It didn't take long for the bakery to realize whom the recipient of the grandiose cake was for.

The bakery is clearly thrilled and thankful to have been chosen to make Beyonce's birthday cake as well as the cookies.

A message posted on Facebook stated that dreams do come true. A shout out was given to the baker Rebecca Craig who can be seen posing with the gorgeous confectionery creation.

Treats fit for a Queen 👑🐝! Thank you, Beyoncé, for including our cakes and cookies in your birthday celebration!! Dreams...

Posted by Cake Life Bake Shop on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

In the photos, you can see the cookies that consist of a golden crown and golden beehive adorned with honey and bee embellishments.

Other cakes were crafted that were also decorated with crowns, beehives, and bees.The bakery has received plenty of media attention and has spoken to the news about the momentous birthday "BeyDay" cake.

While the cake is getting plenty of attention for the amazing craftsmanship that went into it, many still can't believe the price tag At $3,500, the birthday cake costs more than most wedding cakes do.

Some remarked on social media that the cake is approximately their monthly income or even how much they pay for rent.

Some felt that $3,500 is simply too much to spend on a cake unless it is crafted out of gemstones and pure gold. What do you think about Beyonce's birthday cake? Was $3,500 too much to spend?

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