Beyonce: Team Cardi B Or Nicki Minaj? - Fans Think The Answer Is Obvious Because Of This!

Beyonce: Team Cardi B Or Nicki Minaj? - Fans Think The Answer Is Obvious Because Of This!

Rumor has it that Beyonce is taking sides in the ugly feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj! Fans are convinced she is ‘team Cardi!’ Here’s why!

It all started with the fact that on the superstar’s website, there is Minaj’s mugshot!

Social media users have noticed this, and they believe it's proof enough she is not a fan of the rapper.

And that’s not all! Even before Cardi and Nicki’s physical fight at NYFW, Queen Bey and her husband Jay Z have used Nicki’s mugshot as a backdrop on their tour!

But the thing is, she was not alone, as mugshots of other famous people including Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, and Meek Mill were also displayed.

Fans still theorize, however, that there is a reason why Nicki’s mugshot, in particular, showed up today on the front page of her website.

As you may be aware, the site was updated following their September 11 show in Arlington.

It could be just a coincidence that no other celeb mugshot could be seen today except for Minaj’s but social media is not convinced there’s no intent behind it.

‘They always put [the mug shot] during the live show, but it’s their first time putting it on the website,’ someone tweeted.

And the suspicions that Beyonce supports Cardi amid the feud with Nicki Minaj do not end there.

Yesterday, Cardi B posted a clip on her Insta account that featured a concert stop part of Byonce and Jay Z’s On The Run II tour.

In the video, her hit sing Bodak Yellow is being blasted, and the concertgoers are following along with the lyrics.

Meanwhile, some fans believe it’s possible all of this proof may mean the opposite!

‘Beyonce been using approved funny mug shot photos of different celebs at her show. She decided to post the actual pic of Nicki on her website, after cardi was bragging on IG how OTR fans f**ked with her. She posted a old ass video of them rapping bodak yellow,’ one tweet reads.

Another user wrote that ‘The barbs are convinced Beyoncé is on Nicki’s side cause she’s been using Nicki’s mug shot on tour and the bardi gang think she’s on Cardi B’s side cause DJ Khaled is playing her music on the tour and ppl are singing the lyrics loudly.’

What is really going on here? These theories are out of control!


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