Beyonce Slays In Kujta & Meri With Lorraine Schwartz Jewels — See The Photos

Beyonce Slays In Kujta & Meri With Lorraine Schwartz Jewels — See The Photos
Credit: Source: Kutja & Meri/Instagram

Beyonce gave a lot of incredible looks in 2019 and there's no doubt she's set to make more fashion statements in 2020, but one of her best looks of the year must be given special attention. Beyonce wore Kujta & Meri to Diddy's 50th birthday party and paired the outfit with jewels from Lorraine Schwartz. The official Instagram account for Kujta & Meri shared many photos of Beyonce wearing the elaborate couture gown, but they also featured a video showing the bodice being crafted. The video showed as each piece was affixed to the gown that was so gorgeous, Vogue Italia did a write up on Beyonce wearing it.

It wasn't just the exquisite gown that made this one of Beyonce's best looks for 2019, but the addition of the Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

Beyonce is a big fan of the jeweler and wore Lorraine Schwartz multiple times in 2019.  Beyonce appears to be a fan of emeralds as she has been known to wear emeralds with diamonds on multiple occasions. Beyonce wore emerald and diamond drop earrings, along with a diamond bracelet and a bold, emerald ring.

You may see photos of Beyonce in her Kujta & Meri gown while dripping in Lorraine Schartz jewels in the photo slideshow below.

Here is the video that Kujta & Meri shared when they were working on Beyonce's gown at 4 a.m. The designers shared the following caption along with the video.

"It was 04:00 in the morning and @kujtameri were working with excitement and emotion on Beyonce's magnificent dress. She had a lot of confidence in us, and left us free to create the best for her. It was a big responsibility to create for a DIVA @beyonce #beyonce.

In addition to the exquisite gown and jewels, Beyonce's hair and makeup also completed her look and were both amazing. Nakia Collins styled Beyonce's hair and left it down flowing in loose waves. There were many light auburn streaks in Beyonce's hair that were a perfect complement to the emerald earrings she wore. With Beyonce's swept-back hair, the jewels were on full display.

Rokael Beauty did Beyonce's makeup and she chose a pale pink lipstick along with plenty of shimmery gold on her lids. Beyonce has always been a natural beauty and it doesn't take much to transform her into a glamour goddess.

You may see more photos of Beyonce's hair and makeup below.

What do you think about Beyonce's look at Diddy's 50th birthday party?

Do you agree that it is her best look of 2019 or do you have a favorite?


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