Beyoncé Shows Off New Finger Tattoo On Instagram

Beyoncé Shows Off New Finger Tattoo On Instagram
Source: Los Angeles Times

Who's more stylish than Beyoncé? Very few, we could imagine! That's why it is so exciting that Beyoncé has shared her latest, quite delicate finger tattoo with her Instagram followers.

Beyoncé is known for an innovative, feminine and unique style all of her own. This new finger tattoo is also on her ring finger, on the 2nd knuckle. "Bey" has 3 small round dots in perfect symmetry.

No statement has been shared to say exactly what the new tattoo means. But we do think there is a really good guess: the three dots represent Beyoncé’s three beautiful children.

The entire world was thrilled and excited when her lovely twins were born not so long ago. Beyoncé and Jay-Z now have Blue Ivy, 5 and adorable baby twins Rumi and Sir.

Everyone knows that “Bey” got her original ring finger tattoo, to celebrate her marriage to Jay-Z. It’s easy to see that this new tattoo just might symbolize her three children, as it is three perfect dots on that same ring finger. But one can only wonder: does this mean that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have completed their beautiful family?

Or will Beyoncé continue to add more “dots” to this tattoo, if her family is blessed with more children?

People are eagerly awaiting Beyoncé’s official announcement for the meaning of this tattoo. While we can try to guess, the only person who truly knows exactly what it means is Beyoncé herself.

In the Instagram photo, we easily see that Beyoncé has a perfect pink manicure with long nails filed to a definite point. Her fingers are holding a gold chain of hubby Jay-Z's.

Hopefully, she will post again on Instagram or share a video to let everyone know what she is thinking. For now, we can admire her creative and innovative style. Because one thing is for certain: she is always sharing something unique with us that’s fresh & totally new!

Beyoncé’s fans, "the BeeHive" always admire her for her creativity. In some ways sharing the tattoo this way is a type of family photo with a lot of symbolism.

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