Beyoncé Shares Post In Honor Of Breonna Taylor's Birthday

Beyoncé Shares Post In Honor Of Breonna Taylor's Birthday
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The passing of Breonna Taylor was just one of the tragic deaths that led to the Black Lives Matter protests that kicked off around the world earlier this year. They came at a particularly difficult time, considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Breonna was shot eight times after the police entered her home on a "no-knock" warrant on the incorrect home, and her boyfriend began firing at them, thinking they were intruders. Reportedly, the authorities had already apprehended the suspect before they busted into her house.

It wasn't long before George Floyd was also killed by a police officer in Minneapolis. Since then, protests have kicked off,  in which demonstrators are asking for massive changes in police conduct and also in the system itself. Following the eruption of the BLM protests, Breonna's murder has gained recognition even further.

According to multiple reports, Taylor was tragically killed in March of this year, and just a few months later, many people, including celebrities, entertainers, friends, family, and even regular people have called for justice.

Hot New Hip Hop says that yesterday would've been Taylor's 27th birthday. People on social media have been asking for the police officers involved to be arrested for her murder, and among those calling for justice is Beyoncé Knowles.

Beyonce shared an image of Breonna in which she was wishing her a happy birthday. Beyoncé asked her fans and followers to click the link in her bio to make a difference. Reportedly, the link in her bio takes users to a petition calling for justice.

Charges haven't been laid against the police officers, but her family did file a wrongful death lawsuit. Currently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into Breonna's case after the police shot her to death in her own home.

Reportedly, her boyfriend thought the people were intruders, and so he began firing at them. The authorities shot back and killed Taylor with eight shots.

This isn't the first time that Beyoncé Knowles has shared her thoughts on the protests around the world. Earlier this year, Beyonce commented on the arrest of the other police officers involved in the death of George Floyd.

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