Beyoncé Reminds The World She Is A Real Boss With This Move And Megan Thee Stallion Is Not Complaining

Beyoncé Reminds The World She Is A Real Boss With This Move And Megan Thee Stallion Is Not Complaining
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Beyoncé has won the Internet again with her latest power move. Jay-Z's wife, who is originally from Houston, Texas, joined forces with female rapper Megan Thee Stallion for the remix to the hit song, "Savage."

The original track was able to build a cult following online thanks to its omnipresence on social media platform TikTok during the coronavirus pandemic.

It gave life to countless challenges and dance moves. Celebrities everywhere have joined the movement, and it seems that even Queen Bey could not resist, and she decided to put her own spin on ut.

The new release went viral rapidly and amassed millions of views on YouTube, where the video quickly shot to number 1.

An emotional Megan reacted to the collaboration by saying: "I'm literally crying ... being from HOUSTON MF TEXAS, this sh** means EVERYTHING to me !!!!"

Commenters had similar reactions. One of them stated: "When Beyoncé said If you don't jump to put Jean's on baby, you don't feel my pain..... I felt that deep in my soul."

A second observer noticed: "SOMEBODY FIND BEYONCÉ BURNER ACCOUNT NOW! Talking about demon time and only fans !! I bet Beyoncé on her FINSTA right now in the comments like “yassss queen.”

A critic, who did not like Queen Bey jumping on the remix, chimed in: "I wish meg could enjoy her glory solo. That smart cookie always features in songs that are popping and takes the glory. Now everyone is hailing Bey while Meg is the mastermind."

Another person went in the same direction and added: "Y’all be acting like she’s the savior. Sheesh, she cool, but y’all be doing too much. I mess with Beyoncé but y’all be going too far."

A fan of the femcee explained: "Not Megan getting features from two Legends Nicki and Beyonce and she’s only in her prime? That’s because they recognize REAL talent🥰 Only female rappers Bey worked wit too."

Supporters of the former Destiny Child's leader say that she really went hard when she sang: "Can't argue with these lazy bitches , I just raise my price. I’m a BOSS, I'm a leader, I pull up in my 2 seater. And my mama was a Savage. Ni**a got the shit from Tina."

Beyoncé will donate all proceeds from the song to coronavirus relief in Houston, where Megan was also born.

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